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How to bid?

PennyAuctionSite is a revolutionary penny auction concept. The basic idea is to offer brand new products at very attractive prices.


The auction works as follows: a bid is raised by one penny at a time, so when the current price of a product is $1.05 the next bid raises it to $1.06.
There is no fixed closing time for when the auction will close, instead each auction has an auction specific time limit or auction time. When no additional bids are made during the time limit (for example 15 minutes) the auction is automatically closed.


To give an example, if a bid is made at 3:05 p.m. and there is a 15 minute time limit, at 3:20 p.m. the auction is closed, assuming no other bids are made.

- Each bid will cost you 1 credit and raises the price of the product by $0.01, which keeps the final (or winning) price very low.
- You bid against the clock and others on the site.
- The timer running next to the product shows how much time is left until the end of the auction.
- The auction is over if the timer runs out before anyone else places a bid and you win!
- The product goes to the person who made the last bid, and the user wins the right to purchase the product at the auctions ending price.
- The Clock resets after a new bid is placed.
Brand new factory sealed products 

All our products are brand new authentic products.

Lowest prices on the web 

Winners save on an average of over 90% OFF the retail price.

None of our competitors beat that!

128 bit security encryption

PennyAuctionSite uses Verisign to protect you from fraud.
All your transactions are 100% secure!

Strict privacy policy

We NEVER sell or rent any personal information to third parties.